Speak Your Mind - "The Struggling Artist"

by Anonymous User on March 10, 2020
Art is a daily practice. The artist sustains themself with the precise sharpening of their craft, day in and day out. This is often called "the journey". And though the artist craves to free themself of the rigid and relentless societal structure they were born in to, one who has ever attempted mastery soon discovers that the very rigidity and relentlessness they detest, is precisely what is needed to transcend this structure. Discipline, is another word for it. However, this once again presents the artist with a paradox. Is mastery only valued because we have built a societal hierarchy that values acheivement as such, or have these values arisen through the fundamental energy of the universe; which is in fact, masterful, by design. Without going off on a tagent on the existence or non-existence of God, I will return to the age old saying "The journey is the destination". This phrase is often interpreted as "Enjoy and trust the process", however, I would urge any artist to think of this addage another way. Perhaps, as a comment on the artists struggle between necessary rigidity and craved, yet fleeting, fluidity. Because in life that is precisely the predicament we find ourselves in. Do we sacrifice freedom for achievement, or do we seek achievement in our freedom? The sexual energy inside of a saint, or one who wishes to act virtuously in the face of temptation, is the representation of this phenomenon. There is a natural and fluid energy, undeniable to the human experience, that is constantly being censored by another part of our energy. It is nature vs. nurture. It is emotion vs. intellect. It is abstraction vs. language. This brand has always represented to me the inherent paradox that the human brain presents to a self. The contradictions and struggles that disrupt the harmony we seek. We must nurture balance, understanding, and good temperemant, in the face of the chaotic universe we are situated in. SEXFORSAINTS for ETERNITY
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by Anonymous on February 11, 2021

Being in the moment is so powerful !! We’re constantly stuck in the battle between self improvement and self acceptance. Yes you can work on yourself, but there are also parts of yourself you may see as “flaws” that you are actually meant to accept and love yourself for. Beauty is in the imperfections. anyway thank u for these words !


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