Speak Your Mind - Self Worth

by Anonymous User on February 13, 2020
This past year has been the most emotionally exhausting and thrilling year of my 17 years in this world. I’ve never learned so much more about myself than I have all in this one year. I experienced some of my highest highs and lowest lows and came out of it stronger and equipped with the knowledge of my self worth and value. This past year, I struggled with deep depression, battled with a life-threatening eating disorder, and a feeling of numbness just longing to feel something; anything. My biggest piece of advice is to start building a relationship with yourself because how you perceive yourself is so important, there are no words in the English dictionary to ever describe how strongly I feel about this. The love you have for yourself is the only guaranteed love that will follow you for your entire life. If you do not know your own self worth, you will end of up selling yourself cheap and to the highest bidder, aka whoever’s offering. Do not sell yourself, understand that you are worth so much on this earth and that you are valuable. Your insintric values, not your attractiveness, not your intelligence, not how much money you have, not how many degrees you possess, but your insintric values and not needing validation from others is the biggest lesson everyone on this earth needs to understand about themselves. Fuck calculus or stages of mitosis, if only schools taught kids from a young age how to understand their self worth and equip them with the right mindset to be able to tackle whatever life throws at them because they had a strong foundation of their value from the start. Although this past year has been an absolute roller coaster and shitshow at times, I’ve successfully overcome my eating disorder and recognized what I am worth. I still face challenges regarding everything life has thrown at me, but I’m in a much better place now than ever to deal with them :) good luck to everyone!

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