Speak Your Mind - Self Love

by Anonymous User on March 06, 2020
Being my own biggest fan seems to be my own biggest issue. My whole life I seeked validation from friends, family, teachers coaches, everyone accept myself? It’s like I wouldn’t believe I was great until someone told me. When all I needed to do was pat myself on the back and tell myself everything will be better. Self love is the most selfless act one can achieve; it doesn’t serve anyone good if you’re not at your highest most authentic version of yourself. As soon as I fell in love with life again, it seemed to of fallen in love with me! Being able to sit alone sober on a Friday night was mentally and physically impossible for me for years, but now it’s where I feel most home. Know you are worthy of absolutely everything abundant and magical in this universe, you just have to let yourself truly believe it. Ask and you shall receive. It’s already yours.

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