Speak Your Mind - My Vision

by Anonymous User on February 15, 2020
Over the past year I've been able to slowly move away from self destructive behavior towards more positive thinking and activity. Quitting trapping and slowing down on my personal use with drugs was a really big step. I've been trying much harder to work on my personal business ventures as well but find it difficult to overcome my anxiety and market it efficiently. I know I have tons of great ideas but following through on those ideas is the most difficult part. I feel as though in this coming year I will be able to continually progress towards growing my audience and having people understand my vision and what I'm trying to do but its frustrating to see other people seem to succeed with such ease...especially when these others are pushing an agenda that is so negative. I really want my business to help people and get them on the same path that I've found that's made life worth living but sometimes I'm scared that a lot of people don't want to change for the better. Regardless, I'm gonna keep going forward. I've already been trying to help people in my personal life more and more and form connections with people that want to grow. My therapist tells me that you'll never achieve perfection but progress is always within your reach if you choose to take the right actions. I think I'm choosing right.

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