Speak Your Mind - Mental Health

by SEXFORSAINTS TEAM on February 12, 2020
Anonymous: Mental health struggles have plagued a good part of my life and finding ways to cope have been extremely difficult. Depression & anxiety are two problems many of us our very familiar with. It’s taken a lot from me. It is hard for me to count how many friends and opportunities I’ve lost because of it. Choosing to stay home instead of going out and bathing in either angst or emptiness led to me digging myself a hole. As an artist in today’s world, connections are more important than ever - your success is moreso determined by who you know opposed to what you can do. When you either don’t make attempts to socialize or second guess every move or overthink too much when you do, making these connections is the hardest thing to do. I can’t say I’ve fully overcome my struggles, these are still things I’m battling with everyday; but a change in the way I thought about what I was dealing with has helped me cope. There was a time in which I wish I didn’t feel what I did, I would question the world everyday as to why I had to feel the way I did. But going through those struggles was very necessary. Feeling such intense emotions is something that has helped me gain a better understanding of not only myself, but others that feel the way I do too; this has led me to being able to create better work as a photographer. As artists, we have the added benefit of being able to use our emotions to help us create work. Feeling the melancholy that depression brings changes your perspective on things. Not only that, but being able to push through an extreme low and making it out has left me much better off than I was before. I used to try my hardest to push these parts of myself aside but the truth is these are issues are a part of me, although they weren’t who I was. My best option was to live with my problems and try to use them to my advantage opposed to letting them get the best of me. I’m still battling with my mental illnesses everyday but this change in perspective has been everything for me. If you feel this way know others do too, you’re seriously not alone. Know that there are ways to cope and overcome your struggles too.

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