Speak Your Mind - Life = Not Easy

by Anonymous User on February 12, 2020
Life isn’t always easy, but the truth is its not suppose to be. Every hard situation carries a big lesson and the more hard situations you go through, the more you learn, the more you grow and the more knowledge you carry for your future. Its hard to see life this way when you’re in a hole, its hard to find the light in the darkness but nothing lasts forever, everything is temporary. So when that time of your life passes and you look back at it, you’ll know exactly why it had to happen and the gift life gave to you with it. Yes the world is fucked, yes the system is unfair but instead of wasting your time getting mad at it, letting it fill you with hate and sadness, watch from the outside, learn from it and be better. The gift of life are the lessons you are allowed to learn, the gift is evolving and learning as a soul. The bitter sweet truth is, if life was easy and we were always happy, it wouldn’t make any sense and we would stay empty minded and dumb. We were sent here to learn and to grow. The harder the situation, the bigger the lesson. Pain is progress, where there is pain, there is progress. I promise you

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