Speak Your Mind - Life Goes On

by SEXFORSAINTS TEAM on February 11, 2020
Anonymous: my story is kinda crazy but i’ll spare the details. it’s been rough. medically always sick, abused, bullied, mentally destroyed. you name it, i've probably have been there. but through all of that bad. i still try to be good. expressing myself. helping others. learning my mistakes in public. teaching others. i’ve grown a lot and still am. i have more bad days than good. i’m here though. and i’m proud that i still am. i’ll probably never truly be happy. i’ll probably never truly heal. but i’m here and my life is a testimony that you can keep going. your past doesn’t define you. your future can and will change. my success is based on how i feel. if i got up and became productive that’s success. if i got an A on my exam. that’s success too. it’s the little things and the big things. i learned to romanize my life and i started to love it way more.

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