Speak Your Mind - I Found My Path

by Anonymous User on February 12, 2020
My story is one of redemption towards myself and towards Allah. At the beginning of my journey, I fell into what was probably my lowest point of my life and I thought it was fine at the time, I was oblivious of what I was actually doing and just went with the flow. The thing is, that flow wasn’t bringing me any happiness as I was constantly sinning and regretting my every move under the guise that I was progressing as a person. After my breakup with my ex, even though it was fully my fault, I knew it was necessary for my actual path. I took a break as it was much needed to refigure myself out. After a year of being almost MIA, I was spending every day on myself for my own self. It wasn’t until last Ramadan that I figured out who I truly want to be. I want to be someone that brings joy and happiness towards others. Everytime someone thinks of me or talks of me, I want it to be something good. Making people around me feel good makes me feel amazing. However, I know my limits now. I know who deserves my presence and who doesn’t. So this test by God has lead me to my path. Slow and steady, put myself first so that others can experience the best of me.

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