Speak Your Mind - Fighting Your Demons

by Anonymous User on February 14, 2020
There’s not a single person in this world who doesn’t have their own demons to fight, even the happiest of them all. All my life I thought I was alone, and to be honest I think like that sometimes till this day. With social media being everyone’s best friend, all the money making, happy faces you see on there really make you a down and jealous person. I had to learn the hard way not to wish for what other people have, and start being thankful for what I have now because half the world has it worse than me. As an artist, working on my goals, that’s a demon I have to fight everyday. I know that life isn’t just given to you on a platter, you gotta work for what you want, even if it takes years. Bullies still exist, I always have people putting me down telling me I’ll never make it. Sometimes it be your own blood telling you that bs, which sadly does get to me, but that’s something I hope I’ll be strong enough to ignore eventually.

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