Speak Your Mind - Don't Give Up

by Anonymous User on February 12, 2020
As long as you don’t give up, you win. The moment you give up on this shit you lose no matter what. And what that means is the moment you give up and settle for sum mediocre shit or some easy shit you die, that easy life is a life full of complacency, regret and lack of real integrity. That’s some go through the motion type shit and we don’t fuck w that. Trust the process if you’re at the part where u don’t like your art and you’re working hard to make it truly representing of you that shit hard but it’s part of the process. If you fuckin w ur art and niggas ain’t hoping on the wave shit that shit part of the process too. If you lost your way and started losing yourself and making art that isn’t you that’s part of the process too. You can’t avoid none of this shit. Whether you’re on the come up or already successful patience, hustle and trust in the universe is all that you need. Bet

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