Speak Your Mind - Stop Comparing

by Anonymous User on February 12, 2020
there’s a lotta people way too young to be self conscious of they age. We gotta stop comparing ourselves it doesn’t make sense. We all going different places, with different methods of transportation, with different tools different environments and different circumstances. This isn’t a race, and even if it was in a race all you can do is focus on your own speed and stay in your lane. Ask anyone who runs, this deadass true, in a race there’s never a reason to look back at your opponent, all it does is slow you down. Same thing in life, You got you’re own way of seeing the world, your own way of doing things, and we waitin for u to show us, there’s enough space in the creative industry for everyone, zero in on what it is you want to say and say it, your audience is waiting with anticipation and ready ears

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