Share Your Story - Finding Inspiration

by Anonymous User on February 11, 2020
Inspiration is a beautiful and sometimes spontaneous thing, but often fleeting without action. However, acting on your inspiration can turn into a hunger, then that hunger just might consume you. What I mean is the synchronization of your actions and intentions. The movements you make, make the scarified nights out or tedious tasks become more plausible and worthwhile. This can never be a bad thing because, the very same hunger can make any small loss or defeat seem Crucial to reaching that end goal. Currently I’m struggling to find my inspiration, outside pressure and insecurity is easy to succumb to. My inspiration usually comes from finding the intersections of my past self and my past art with my current life issues or daily appreciations. I’d call it a forced shift in perspective. It’s been hard lately because I feel guilty for resting, watching Netflix and doing nothing. I have big goals and tell myself to either do it all perfectly, or nothing at all then I freeze and dream and do nothing. Writing this and saying my piece is helping. I’m grateful for all my opportunity but sometimes I forget to be grateful for what I already have. I’m still trying but I know I’ll be fine. As someone so focused on the future and past, with reflection can come a change of perspective.

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