Creator's Block

by Anonymous User on February 11, 2021
Sooo I've been in a stagnant predicament these past few months. Going into the new year I want to start my own clothing line but done have much resources/connections & motivation. Dealing with depression health condition is hard & I frequently take social media breaks so everything is deactivated. I have a vision but don't really know where or how to start. I just learned how to sew on the Brother sewing machine 2 weeks ago so that's a start. I also went to a Fabric store for the first time just to get a feel of things. I would love ANY advice for someone struggling with creator's-block!
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by Anonymous on February 11, 2021

after such a crazy hard year like 2020 I’ve really learned to take it easy on myself, the whole world is struggling and it made me feel less alone, I love that ur starting ur own line my advice with creative blocks is not just focusing on one thing, if you want to do a clothing line spending all day thinking about clothes doesn’t always help. Find other creative outlets and take time away, and then come back to your vision with fresh eyes. Have other creative outlets or passions will be the fuel behind the inspiration of your clothing line good luck on your journey , don’t forget to enjoy the moments, one day you’ll have an amazing clothing line and looking back at moments like this when you first started and miss them, so don’t forget to trust the process and even the hardest parts or the creative blocks we all have to be grateful for ! good luck againn


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